Joce Mienniel - Compagnie Drugstore Malone

Flutist, composer, arranger, all-rounder in electronics, festival organizer with affirmed concepts, Joce Mienniel flourishes in all fields. He deploys his talents in many universes and his musical influences are multiple : jazz and improvised music, pop, rock, French song, world music, classical music. This sought-after and esteemed chameleon also composes for the small and large screen, like a prodigious creator of atmospheres.

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Domaines d’intervention de Full Rhizome en co-production avec Drugstore Malone :
Production discographique
Spectacle / diffusion

Disque : enregistrement en Avril 2018 et sortie le 9 novembre 2018 chez Buda Musique/Socadisc
Aides : Adami, MFA, SCPP, FCM, Spedidam
Coproduction : Drugstore Malone
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