See you in 2019 for more shows and projects with our associated artists

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Robert Negro, cooperative’s associated artist, find out more about him on his artist page.

See you in 2019 for more shows and projects with our associated artists

Full Rhizome, created in 2010, is a cooperative society of collective interest (SCIC) that puts support for artistic creation at the heart of its approach and its activity. Wishing to free herself from the traditional models of the commercial sector, she invents new ways of collaborating with artists by placing them at the center of the device as associate artists (link tab artists) of the cooperative, leaving them a total freedom to create, to go to the end of their projects and desires, by accompanying them and their companies, in all the stages of the realization of their projects.

Structuring, creation, phonographic production, scenic broadcasting, all these milestones of the life of the artists and their projects are accompanied, in a spirit of tailor-made and in respect of the identity of each one.

In addition, Full Rhizome develops a collection of classical music discs from around the world in co-production with Dreyer-Gaido Musikproduktionen, a German producer who also organizes the excellent Morgenland Festival which presents each year in Osnabrück and outside the walls the rich music of the Near and the Middle East through unprecedented encounters with exceptional artists. Through this collection, it is also a whole work of networking between France and Germany that Full Rhizome implements.

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